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Our first annual EID CARNIVAL!! This carnival will showcase our form of Christmas: Eid. which is a celebration after our month of fasting called Ramadan. This holiday involves the exchange of gifts, a big feast and dressing up in your best! This event will be November 14th 2015, from 1-5pm in Georgian rooms A&B in the SUB. Hope to see you all there!! (poster coming soon)

The Muslim Students Association is known for it’s Taste of Islam Dinner, Baklava Sales, & have the best free-hand Henna Fundraisers on campus. This past Spring ’13 semester we introduced Islam Awareness Week to the Truman campus and hope to bring more creative programs in the future InshaAllah (God’s Willing).

Islam Awareness Week 2014:  “The Five Pillars of Islam

Islam Awareness Week 2014

Islam Awareness Week 2014



This year the Islam Awareness Week will focus on the Five Pillars of Islam using an Olympic~esque theme. MSA has been planning long and hard all semester for IAW:2014 to be an engaging and educational event so come out to as many events as you can!!!

  • Monday, “Dinner & A Muslim” 5-7pm SUB Georgian Rooms A & B

Director of CAIR-St.Louis, Faizan Syed will be speaking to us about the Guiding Principles of Muslims which will tell more information about the First Pillar of Islam: Shahadah (Testimony of Faith). There will be Middle Eastern cuisine served from Casablanca Mediterranean Grill and there will be give-a-ways!!!
FREE Tickets will be “sold” during the week of March 3rd-6th & any leftover seats will be given out the day of the event!

  • Tuesday, + “My Name is Khan” Movie (SUB Activities Rm 6-8pm)

-Women all over the Truman campus will be wearing the Islamic headscarf throughout the day and experience how Muslim women feel identifying themselves with this religious mark of modesty.
-The experience of being a Muslim in America will be further viewed in the showing of International Film: My Name Is Khan, where an autistic Indian Muslim travels to American in a post 9/11 era. CoDA is co-sponsoring and Refreshments will be served.

*Registration Link for Hijab Challenge:

  • Wednesday, The Sacred Journey: Hajj Simulation (Quad *Rain site: Ryle Hall Main Lounge)

-Hajj is the Pilgrimage to Makkah and the Fifth Pillar of Islam. This journey is meant to remind Muslims of their connection with the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) and their ultimate connection with Allah (SWT). This event will try to share the traditions and rituals of Hajj in an interactive obstacle course on the Quad. Can you survive the rites of Hajj? Join us on this spiritual journey that Muslims must do once in their lifetime (if they can afford to).

-There will be three groups that do the the Hajj simulation at one time so schedule to attend one of the three available session. Sessions are at 12:40pm-1:15pm, 1:30pm- 2:05pm, 2:15-3:00pm.

*Registration Link for Hajj Tours:

  • Thursday, Interfaith Fast-a-thon: The REAL Hunger Games (Panel Discussion and Potluck Dinner 7pm MG 2001)

-The MSA wants to collaborate with peers of different backgrounds and take on the President’s Interfaith Challenge! Our challenge is to fast for one day so others don’t have to. With the registration fee, outside sponsors, or donations for the cause, we will pledge to fast and experience a taste of World Hunger. On a smaller scale, we will use the funds raised to sponsor the food for a Hope’s Kitchen meal for the Kirksville community in need. Fasters are asked to volunteer on the date which is TBD and turn their material donation into active volunteerism. There will be Hunger Games t-shirts for Fasters.
-The fast will end at sunset where a panel of student representatives will answer questions about their faith and fasters will share their experiences.
-You may participate in the fast from the Islamic, Catholic, Jewish, etc tradition. Informational pamphlets provided.

*Registration Link:

  • Friday, Friday Prayer: OPEN HOUSE (SUB Alumni Rm @ 1:30pm)

-Each Friday Muslims gather for the congregational prayer and brief Islamic reminder. Interested in learning about or observing the Islamic prayer? Join us at Jumu’ah! Refreshments will be served.

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Look out for our IAW Promotional Video!!!


Taste of Islam 2013: The Truth About Women in Islam

Taste of Islam 2013Facebook event:

Featuring the professional one-woman show “Unveiled” performed by the successful Muslim actress Rohina Malik.


(IAW) MSA was excited to share Islam and the Muslim cultural experience through bazaars, dinner presentations, films, and sweet discussions (pun intended). There was also  an Interfaith Dodgeball Tourney and an interactive Hijab Challenge for those who’ll have the courage to accept the challenges.

The Things We Have In Common was the theme for this year’s Islam Awareness Week, a humble national project that now reaches its 20th anniversary in 2013.


Come one, come all to the MSA Henna fundraiser for natural tattoos that you don’t have to commit to. Authentic and freshly made baklava and Pakistani Chai will be sold for the benefit of our philanthropy, Islamic Relief USA! Come to enjoy while supporting a noble cause!


Fall Events:


The annual Taste of Islamevent will take place on October 23rd from 6-8pmin the Sub Georgian rooms. The purpose of this event is to give the students and faculty of Truman a better understanding of the topic of Jihad. We plan to have a formal presentation, as well as casual nasheed/videos, an authentic Indian dinner, and an opportunity to hear from Mike Desantis, Adair Co Representative for the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri. Since this event is parallel to our Fast-a-thon we hope that many people see the importance of the cause and their fast. Join us for a night filled with Islamic culture!


The first ever Fast-a-thon will take place on Sunday, Oct. 23rd from sunrise @ 6am until sunset @ 6:20pm. This fast from food and drink (*Water is okay if needed) is not only an opportunity to experience the Islamic fasting that many Muslims partake in the Month of Ramadan, but also a chance to go hungry for a change. There are over 2500 people in our region who suffer from hunger pangs daily. They depend on the community pantries and other aids to survive. Going hungry for the 10.5 hours of a day will give you a taste of the hunger felt by millions all over the world who don’t know when their next meal will come. Can you last the fast? The registration fee for fasters is $1 which will 100% go to the Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri to bring 20lbs of food to our local food pantries. $1 and your fast can make the difference in someone’s life. “Go hungry for a day so someone else doesn’t have to!”



Each year we host “Taste of Islam” where we provide a cultural dinner and provide a presentation about a subject in Islam. Fall’2010 we presented Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam.





Spring Events:















*Henna event to fundraise for our philanthropy, Islamic Relief USA, and later a presentation of IR USA to the student body.

*Better Together, Interfaith Week . The MSA collaborated with other religious organizations on campus to host numerous events to prove that regardless of our faiths, we could come together for a common cause.(i.e Service)

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