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Interfaith Efforts to Establish a Prayer Hall at TSU 2013:

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Islam Awareness Week 2013:

CSI 2013 Leadership Recognition Award: 9/11 Aftermath Educational Event

Islamic Wear Awareness 2011:

Award-Winning Group

Award-Winning Group

MSA 1st Place for best dish!!!

[SubhanAllah, Praise be to God]

Three Years In a Row @ International Dinner

International Club @
“Congratulations to this year’s winners!
Appetizers & Desserts:

Hummus Deluxe (2011), Baklava (2012 & 2013)


MSA Proud Sponsors:

Flyer for Pakistan Books Fundraiser

APRIL 8, 2011: Several organizations at Truman State University have joined together in a fund-raising effort to buy textbooks for students in Pakistan. In the last several years, Pakistan has suffered from an earthquake (2005), mountain collapse (2009), and flooding of the Indus River plain (2010). Populations, homes, towns, schools, crops, animals, have been uprooted in the wake of these disasters.
We at Truman are dedicated to making a contribution that will have a lasting effect. We want to raise funds to replace ordinary textbooks, books published inside Pakistan that students regularly use for math, sciences, and social studies. We have pledged to supply texts to a “book bank” located in northern Pakistan. Our tag line is: “BANKING BOOKS FOR PAKISTAN: raising leaders not refugees”.

—Julie Flowerday, Ph.D


Flyer of Middle East Discussion Panel

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