Islam Awareness Week 2015


Islam Awareness Week: Women In the Media

Monday– Host dinner to kick off the week, president Paino speaks. Inspiring women in the media 3-4 MSA members present a female Muslim who should be known for their success chapel hill discussion, role of men (male Muslims panel talks about themselves and their Muslim culture) in the SUB Alumni room 2105 at 5pm


Wednesday– Hijab Challenge: hold several challenge rounds on the quad for both women and men. people can sign up sheet. and men/women to compete in the best hijab style/fastest to wear. Also encourage all Truman students to wear the hijab for the whole day. On the quad from 1-5 pm, after wearing them for a day there will be a discussion in room violette 1428 from 6-7:30 pm


Thursday– calligraphy on the quad: students practice calligraphy on paper (led by arabic alphabet chart) henna and other islamic art. In the quad from 1-5pm


Friday– Interfaith prayer (jummah) open for viewing, participation, and questions in the interfaith center located in the Kirk Building from 1:30-3pm

food drive all week


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