About MSA

Founded in 1999 at Truman State University.

The Muslim Students Association was established as a non-profit organization to provide information about Islam through educational campus events and Muslim/student networking. The MSA is a student organization that current Muslim students at TSU and A.T Still University can come together to learn and practice their Way of life. It also provides an Islamic community for the Muslims in Kirksville.

The MSAs across the country are currently working together to increase knowledge about Islam and Muslims and correct the image of Islam that’s commonly and defectively conveyed through the media. We are complaisant in our educational activities and only present Islam.

We hope that you could join us in our events to enhance your “religious literacy.”






OUR MEETINGS: Bi-weekly MSA meetings on every other Tuesday @ 7:00pm-8:00pm  in The Interfaith Room located in the kirk building room 116. They consist of an Islamic presentation, business of MSA events,  discussion of MSA campus involvement, and sometimes fun activities. We often have service opportunities to serve the community and international community (IR USA). We look forward to seeing you!

President:——Sabiya Azim – email: sa1381@truman.edu

Vice President: ———Eboni X Miller – email: erm4466@truman.edu

Secretary: Naila Vohra – nsv2187@truman.edu

Treasurer/Risk Management Chair:——–Demira Handzic – email: dh1467@truman.edu


OUR MEMBERS are awesome:

Our membership consists of Muslims and non-Muslims and we invite students of TSU and A.T Still University. Many of the non-Muslims have interests in political or religious studies, multicultural/international activities, or Asian/Middle Eastern studies. 



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